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Nutrend MAGNESLIFE 10 x 25 ml

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Nutrend MAGNESLIFE 10 x 25 ml
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Packing: 10 x 25 ml
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Nutrend MAGNESLIFE is highly effective ion solution of magnesium (magnesia) to prevent convulsions and acute solutions during sports. Magneslife from Nutrendu guarantees high usability and absorbability. Practical packaging in single doses to satisfy every demanding athletes. Shop sports nutrition Nutrend at great prices with specialists for yourself and save money.

NUTREND MAGNESLIFE 10 x 25 ml - Description:

MagnesLIFE is intended for:
sportsmen and individuals with high physical stress
neuromuscular tension release, recovery and relaxation
individuals with predisposition to latent tetany
solution of magnesium depletion after drinking alcohol
use in stressful situations and increased mental strain
NUTREND MAGNESLIFE 10 x 25 ml - active ingredients:
Characteristics of effective substances:
Magnesium (magnesium) Mg among the most important minerals necessary for life that a person can not create. That's why we rely on intake from food. Its deficiency causes neuro-muscular and muscle spasms. Among others magnesium supports bone metabolism, protects from sedimentation of excess calcium in soft tissues (heart, kidney, blood vessel walls), stimulates antibody formation and increases immunity.
The addition of water-soluble vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), which must be continuously supplied from the diet, supports the magnesium passing through the cell membrane into the cell interior, which helps to regulate the amount of magnesium in cells.                                                             


Recommended dosage:
The basic dose - 1 drinkable phial suitability of a product (25 ml) during the day, before bedtime
in the case of preparations for long-lasting physical performance dispense suitability of 2-3 days before the expected load, before bedtime
during a prolonged and demanding activity always have a dose along with you and use the first sign of incoming cramps
suitability of a maximum of 1 monodose (25 ml) 1x daily
Dosage suitability of a product for children 3 years old should always consult with a doctor
Do not exceed the recommended dosage
Serve phial content into your mouth with or dilute the content with water
Only wash down with water or hypotonic drink
not suitable for preparation Milk or alcoholic drinks


It does not replace a varied diet. Not intended for children. Keep out of reach of children! Producer is not liable for damages caused by improper usage or storage. Store in a dry place below 25 ° C, away from direct sunlight, do not freeze.

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