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Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs 50 ml

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Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs 50 ml
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Packing: 50 ml
Price with VAT: 4,76 EUR
Chestnut is traditionally used for varicose veins, venous edema and may improve blood flow.

Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs - DESCRIPTION:

Chestnut is widely used by people who have different vascular problems. It is also praised people who suffer from hemorrhoids, phlebitis, varicose veins, brittle veins, venous leg ulcers and slerotizací vessels. It is also a great friend to those with peripheral blood flow and thrombosis. May be effective for organ perfusion.
According to other opinions can also reduce blood cholesterol levels, which can be beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and liver problems. Also, it can be recommended to persons who are trying to treat dropsy, persons with swelling particular swollen lymph glands. Can cause inflammation.

Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs - EFFECTS:

Effectively helps: Chestnuts are tasty and valuable food, which also heavily detoxifies the liver. Liquid extract or tincture of the leaves have bronchosedativní and expectorant effect. Leaves can therefore be used both for bronchitis, and asthma. Also chestnut "flour" is a good remedy for various diseases, mostly associated with diarrhea.

Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs - USAGE:

1 drop per 1 kg of body weight divided into two to three sub-doses per day.
Dose dropwise to 100 ml of boiled hot or cold water and drink 20 minutes before or after a meal. When taking observe drinking regime!

Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs - CAUTION:

Keep out of reach of CHILDREN. Not suitable for children, pregnant and nursing women.
Not a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs - PACKING:

50 ml

Ingredients - Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs 50 ml

Serafin Chestnut - Tincture of herbs - COMPOSITION:

Extract from the horse chestnut, 40% alcohol, dilution D3.

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