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SET 2x Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g

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Herbalife Formule 1 koktejl sada 2x 750 g
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Packing: 2x 750 g
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Price with VAT: 95,76 EUR
Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g
Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g
Cocktail Formula 1 is a healthy food with a high content of soy protein for reducing body weight.
Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g
The product is supplied from the USA and was originally created for the US sales (not the versions produced in Italy, which are intended for the markets in Central and Eastern Europe as) designed. The product is manufactured in the USA. The supplied from the USA cocktails are approved for sale in the EU. Composition of cocktails Herbalife F1 - 750 g is innovated and corresponds to the latest findings of scientific Herbalife Council. The drinks differ in Fliessigfähigkeit, wettability, aroma and flavor compared to the older versions.

Description Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g: 
Cocktail F1 (Healthy meal) is a meal replacement with a high soy protein and represents a part of a balanced active lifestyle. Cocktail F1 is an ideal solution for those who want to effectively regulate your weight. This is also one of the basic elements of classical Herbalife cellular nutrition. F1 cocktail is delicious nutritious meal, with the successful start your day. A good breakfast is spare energy and a lot of essential nutrients, the Beis. Soy protein, vegetable carbohydrates, calcium, dietary fiber, iron, minerals, vitamins A, C and others.
The cocktail is prepared quickly and easily. You can even mix it in order to fulfill the right density, and can also be prepared as tasty and refreshing drinks. Depending on your taste you can F1 with the Beis. Your favorite fruit mix, best with a minimal amount of calories.
Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail is offered in the following flavors:
• Vanilla 750g • Mint chocolate 780g
• Chocolate 780g • Café Latte 780g
• Wild Berry 750g • Orange 750g
• Cookies & Cream 750g  
• Pinacolada 750g  
• Caramel 750g  
Effects Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g:
- Tasty cocktail F1 replaces breakfast and lunch
- Is a good nutritious meal replacement during reduction diets
- 1 portion of cocktail F1 contains less than 220 calories
- Cocktail F1 provides a balanced amount of soy protein and carbohydrates to give the feeling of fullness
- Helps to maintain energy levels
- Cocktail F1 has a high protein content, which promotes the formation of muscle mass
- Thanks to the high content of vitamins and minerals in a cocktail F1 you reach a recommended daily allowance

Ingrediments Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g:

The main active ingredients are:
Isolate soy protein - proteins are an essential component of all known organisms that make up muscle mass in the body and have different functions - for Beis Baufunktion (collagen, elastin, keratin), transport and storage function (hemoglobin, transferrin), Motion Function (actin. myosin), catalytic and regulatory control function (enzymes, hormones, receptors), protective and defensive function (immunoglobulin, fibrin, fibrinogen). Proteins contained in the approximation to the Beis. Meats, nuts, legumes, eggs, milk, dairy products and others.
Aminogen TM- stomach secretes many enzymes that are not only for proper food digestion necessary, but they also help necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids to win. For the production of these enzymes must be present some "micronutrients". For the production of these enzymes must be present some "micronutrients". However, improper diet can cause deficiency of these nutrients and the result is an undigested food and stimulate the growth of bacteria. Symptoms include a flatulence, abdominal pain and fatigue. Aminogen is produced using a patented enzyme technology that helps the digestive tract to digest food and absorb nutrients and proteins to use. Aminogen improved protein absorption from the diet, which helps the process of reduction. Aminogen® TM is a registered trademark Triarco Industries, Inc.
Dietary fiber - is an indigestible part of plant food that facilitates the movement of food digestive system, absorbing water and binds some nutrients such Beis cholesterol.. Dietary fiber also acts as a "brush housing" - has a supportive effect against intestinal diseases. Source of dietary fiber are the Beis. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds.
Calcium - is the most abundant mineral in the human body, which plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining the health of our bones. Among other things, also helps the proper functioning of the heart, the muscles and the nervous system and contributes to blood clotting. 99% of the existing in the human body calcium is in the bones and teeth, in the blood and soft tissues then the remaining 1%. It is important to give calcium in the diet of the children, because calcium is essential for healthy development and growth of the bones and teeth. The elderly and people with sedentary or among people with an inadequate intake of calcium, it leads to loss of calcium from the bones, called osteoporosis (thinning of the bones).
Iron - is part of hemoglobin, which plays a key role in the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to body tissues and protects the entire organism against an inner suffocation. The major source of dietary iron is especially meat, especially organ meats such as liver, heart and spleen. Iron can be found but also in legumes, green leafy vegetables and some fruits such as strawberries. Iron deficiency may be a reduced number of red blood cells - SGN. Anemia - causing.
Vitamins - are substances that mean along with proteins, fats and carbohydrates, the basic components of human nutrition. In the human body, they participate in the metabolism (metabolism) of proteins, fats and sugars. There are 13 kinds of vitamins. A human organism, with certain exceptions, the vitamins can not produce itself and therefore must be obtained through food unfortunately. Vitamins need to keep many body functions and are able to enhance an immune response and maintain. Vitamins are found primarily in fruits and vegetables.

Usage Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g:

The reduction mode - change the body weight down. Cocktail of F1 replace two meals a day, the best breakfast and a dinner (cocktail is "a liquid food"). Lunch is to eat a warm light dish that will contain no sausage and no excess of sugar and fats. Dishes such as chips, crackers, etc., sweet drinks or hard liquor should be completely avoided. Alcohol is namely losing weight for 3-5 days off, beer is very high in calories and it also recommends limiting caffeinated beverages (these beverages do not dehydrate the body - instead, the Guarana Tablets recommended).
In regeneration mode - no change in body weight; Your current weight keep. It is advisable to replace breakfast by cocktail F1 and light and healthy to eat in harmony with an active lifestyle. If you have reduced your weight until now with a number of cellular nutrition, put the dose of tablets still continued according to the schedule for the regeneration mode.
Mode for increased weight - to win a muscle mass. Man feeds on common (at least 3 meals per day), but this he drinks to three times daily cocktail of F1 (25 g powder per serving) and is also recommended that all supplement tablets of the cellular nutrition (Fiber & Herb multivitamin, F4 and F5) assume , If it is a regeneration after a long illness not to Beis., It is necessary to drive intense sport. When using cell nutrition in this mode is recommended for complete cell nutrition still admit three cocktails F1 to be possible to have the product at the recommended dose.

Dosage Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g:

A level tablespoon (about 9 g) is (ideally using an electronic mixer) popular in 0.2 liters of fluid, preferably in a skim milk. Then it depends only on you whether you prefer to drink a denser, thinner or possibly fllüssigen cocktail. A recommended amount for preparation of cocktails is 0.2 to 0.25 ml with 9 g of nutrients in Cocktail F1. Cocktails can prepare so that a spoon is on him, or vice versa - Cocktail may have a form of a liquid for drinking cocktails.
Etc. One can also use water, juice, white yogurt or fruit yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese. Especially during the reduction mode you have a calorie intake watch (fruit juices and fruits such as bananas, grapes, etc.). It is worthwhile to mix a teaspoon Psyllia in the cocktail, but beware - Cocktail is again a bit closer. During the day it is recommended that 2.5 - to drink 3 liters of fluid a day.
Remember, though, that about 40% of adults have no need for more Milchverdaung enzymes, therefore can not be used for milk cocktail preparation.
In Cocktail 750 g (powder) is a practical scoop. We suggest you take out the help of a spoon.

ACHTUNG:  - Herbalife Formula 1 - Nähr-Shake Getränkemix - Gesunde Mahlzeit Cocktail 750 g:

Personen mit Nieren-, Leber-, Herz- oder Blutkreislauf und Diabetiker, die Insulin einnehmen, sollten dieses Produkt nur mit der Erlaubnis und unter der Aufsicht eines Arztes einnehmen. Das Produkt ist nicht geeignet für Kinder, schwangere oder stillende Frauen, Laktoseintoleranz und Sojaallergie. Das Produkt ist nicht als Ersatz für eine abwechslungsreiche und ausgewogene Ernährung und eine gesunde Lebensweise gedacht. Beim Verzehr muss die empfohlene Dosierung und Trinkempfehlung mindestens 2,4 Liter täglich betragen. Darf nicht in die Hände von Kindern gelangen. An einem kühlen, trockenen Ort aufbewahren. Überschreiten Sie nicht die empfohlene Dosierung.

Alle Cocktails enthalten Milch, Honig und Soja.

- Vanillegeschmack:
Allergene: Sojaproteine, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin. Das Produkt enthält kein Gluten.
- Schokoladengeschmack:
Allergene: Sojaproteine, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin, Honig
- Geschmack von Erdbeeren und Himbeeren:
Allergene: Sojaproteine, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin.
- Cookie Geschmack:
Allergene: Sojaprotein, Weizenmehl, Molkenprotein WPC (Milch), Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin.
- Geschmack von Café Latte:
Allergene: Sojaproteine, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin.
- Karamellgeschmack:
Allergene: Sojaproteine, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin.
- Geschmack von Piñanoacid:
Allergene: Sojaproteine, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin. Das Produkt enthält kein Gluten.
- Geschmack von Orange:
Allergene: Sojaproteine, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin. Das Produkt enthält kein Gluten.
- Geschmack von Schokolade:
Allergene: Sojaprotein, Weizenmehl, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin.
- Kürbis-Zimt-Geschmack:
Allergene: Sojaproteine, Calciumcaseinat (Milch), Casein (Milch), Sojalecithin. Das Produkt enthält kein Gluten.

Supplement facts - SET 2x Herbalife Formula 1 - Healty Meal Cocktail 750 g

NUTRIČNÍ HODNOTY: Herbalife Formule 1 koktejl 750 g

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Nutriční hodnoty Herbalife Formule 1 koktejl 750 g

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