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Manufacturers - Masticha

The original products from Greece - Chios - containing mastic, a unique resin.

The quality Chioa mastic contains over 100 different substances, but only 80 of them are identifiable. Thanks to this diversity, it finds its application in many fields.

Mastic from Chios is since ancient times known for its influence on the path stomach and circulatory system.
Bet you for decades of experience with Mastiha products - choose from our wide range. Discover the new natural care options.

Along with mastic we would recommend a combination of the brand Energy and natural products Dědek Kořenář.
Replace broken overpriced drugs and supplements for quality natural supplements.

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Mastiha Original 100 capsules
Masticha Original in capsules is an original natural mastic-resin product. ✓ Buy a quality ...
Packing: 100 capsules
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT32,61
Discount11 %
Masticha Active 100 capsules
Mastiha Active with probiotic yeast is an innovative product with an increased effect. ✓ Buy the ...
Packing: 100 capsules
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT39,96
Discount11 %
Mastiha crystals Chios 10 g
Mastiha crystals of Chios are quality crystals of raw mastic in practical packaging. ✓ Buy high ...
Packing: 10 g
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT4,86
Discount25 %
Toothpaste with mastic 80 ml
Toothpaste with mastiha is a great means of dental hygiene. ✓ Buy traditional Mastic products ...
Packing: 80 ml
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT7,71
Discount5 %
Helicobacter Pylori test 1 pc
Helicobacter pylori test 1 pc contains a test for the presence of Helicobacter bacteria in the ...
Packing: !_1 test_!
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT6,91
Discount19 %
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