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nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor 470 g

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nahrin NahroFit s vanilkovou příchutí 470 g
Manufacturer:Just nahrin
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Packing: 470 g
Price with VAT: 34,96 EUR
nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor is a perfect substitute for breakfast and snacks during the weight-loss diet. NahroFit is a balanced combination of milk proteins, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and many other valuable substances.

nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor 470 g - DESCRIPTION:

This dairy powder beverage containing high amounts of protein, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for the normal functioning of the brain, eyes, blood vessels, heart and other vital organs. May be an appropriate product for the elderly, children, adults, diabetic or allergic to gluten. It is a low-calorie food substitute, which can be used twice a day.
Not only that tastes great vanilla, but it also contains a complex of minerals and vitamins that you need for day to deliver to body. We recommend it when a diet or in a situation where you do not have time to eat and forgetting regular diet. We recommend combined with nahrin Peach or Apple whey drink 600 g or any other nahrin product reach in fiber for the best result.

nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor 470 g - EFFECTS:

Nutritionally balanced, high-quality milk drink. It supplies the body with necessary nutrients. Ideal part of the diet for athletes, children, elderly. Regularly take in case of osteoporosis, heart disease, blood vessels, high blood pressure.

nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor 470 g - CAUTION:

Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet.

nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor 470 g - DOSAGE:

1-2 servings / day. For one portion mix 2 heaped tablespoons (30 g) of powder in 200 ml of skimmed milk (0.5% fat). The best is to prepare in a shaker.

nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor 470 g - PACKAGING:

470 g

Ingredients - nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor 470 g

nahrin Nahrofit with vanilla flavor 470 g:

fructose, milk protein, skimmed milk powder, modified potato starch, corn oil, fish oil powder (antioxidant sodium ascorbate), flavor, potassium citrate, potassium chloride, thickener guar gum, magnesium oxide, vitamins (C, niacin, E , pantothenic acid, B6, riboflavin, thiamine, A, folic acid, biotin, D, B12), coloring beta-carotene

Supplement facts - nahrin NahroFit with vanilla flavor 470 g

Nutrition Facts

100 g

2 Doses

60 g + 400 ml of skimmed milk

Calories 404 kcal 376 kcal
Protein 25 g 28,6 g
Total Carbohydrate 58 g 54 g
- Sugars 49 g 48,6 g
- Polyols 0 g 0 g
- Fructose 39 g 23,4 g
- Starch 0 g 0 g
Total Fat 7,5 g 4,8 g
- Saturated Fat 1,2 g 0,8 g
- Mono-unsaturated Fat 1,9 g 1,2 g
- Poly-unsaturated Fat 3,6 g 2,2 g
- EPA and DHA 340 mg 204 mg
Dietary Fiber 1,9 g 1,1 g
Sodium 0,13 g 0,26 g
Vitamin A 800 µg 532 µg
Vitamin B1 1,1 mg 0,8 mg
Vitamin B2 1,4 mg 1,02 mg
Vitamin B6 1,4 mg 1,02 mg
Vitamin B12 2,5 µg 3,2 µg
Vitamin C 80 mg 54 mg
Vitamin D 5 µg 3 µg
Vitamin E 12 mg 7,2 mg
Biotin 50 µg 44 µg
Folic acid 300 µg 198 µg
Niacin 16 mg 9,7 mg
Pantothenic acid 6,0 mg 5,0 mg
Potassium 1300 mg 1400 mg
Calcium 500 mg 772 mg
Phosphorus 280 mg 532 mg
Magnesium 260 mg 204 mg

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