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Energy Imunosan 90 capsules

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Energy Imunosan 90 kapslí
Energy Imunosan 90 kapslí
Energy Imunosan
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Packing: 90 capsules
Price with VAT: 19,89 EUR
Energy Imunosan comprising a combination of exotic fungi and extracts from herbs. ❤️ Energy Imunosan strengthens immunity to 100%! Natural products Energy, including Imunosan effective in preventing infectious diseases.

DESCRIPTION: Energy IMUNOSAN 90 capsules


Agaricus blazei or almond mushroom is edible mushroom with sweet almond flavor and aroma, which was first described in the late 19th century, when it began to grow in the eastern United States. The boom in the use of a Brazilian mushroom cultivation began after his reappearance around 1970 in Brazil.
Ginseng is a key representative of the group or harmonizer adaptogens that can help us cope with the long-term effects of stress. We use it as a stimulant and a tonic, as fytoprofylaktikum against atherosclerosis and as a protective factor in overall adverse health condition.
In nature it grows reishi (ganoderma) on rotting tree trunks and stumps in particular the coastal regions of China. Reishi (Ganoderma) occurs in six color variants, most of which is grown red. At present, the absolute majority of the world's production comes from the Reishi mushroom growing rooms (eg. Japan 99%, China likewise).

DOSAGE: Energy IMUNOSAN 90 capsules

1 capsule twice or three times daily. After three weeks followed by one week. During use, we recommend increasing fluid intake.

WARNING: Energy IMUNOSAN 90 capsules


This product is not intended for children. Use during pregnancy and lactation, consult your doctor. Dietary supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight at a temperature of 10-25 ° C. Do not freeze. Keep out of reach of children.
Not suitable for people allergic to soy products.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!

PACKAGING: Energy IMUNOSAN 90 capsules


90 capsules

EFFECTS: Energy IMUNOSAN 90 capsules

For more information about this product, unfortunately we can not be disclosed because it would be in accordance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006 health claims that can not be disclosed. We publish only those health claims that have been approved by the European Commission. As an example of an approved health claim might claim for water: "It contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive functions, contributes to the maintenance of normal regulation of body temperature." Wherein the water must also be consumer is informed that in order to obtain the claimed effect is necessary to provide a daily intake of at least 2 liters of water. Let every visitor of which draw their own conclusions.

Ingredients - Energy Imunosan 90 capsules

Energy IMUNOSAN 90 capsules

Soybean oil, gelatine capsule, extract of Astragalus root blanitého (Astragalus membranaceus) 91 mg extract, lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) 78 mg extract of the root atraktylisu velkoúborného (Atractylis macrocephala) 78 mg, root extract eleutherocok ostnitého (Eleutherococcus senticosus) 65 mg extract of red clover Trifolium pratense) 52 mg of the extract from the fruit of the privet (Ligustrum vulgare) 52 mg glycerin thickener, water, extract of mushrooms, almond (blazei murill) 39 mg extract of green tea leaves 39 mg of root extract pazvonku chloupkatého (Dang Shen) 26 mg Leucine 26 mg.

Supplement facts - Energy Imunosan 90 capsules



Nutrition Facts

100 g

Calories 2450 kJ / 586 kcal
Protein 20,4 g
Total Carbohydrate 27,8 g
- Sugars 1,8 g
- Polyols 0 g
- Starch 0 g
Total Fat 44,1 g
- Saturated Fat 8,5 g
- Mono-unsaturated Fat 0 g
- Poly-unsaturated Fat 0 g
- Cholesterol 0 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Sodium 0,31 g

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