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Energy Renovet 30 ml

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Energy Renovet 30 ml
Energy Renovet 30 ml
Energy Renovet
Price with VAT : 13,36 EUR
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Category: !_doplnek stravy / potravina pro zvlastni vyzivu / ostatni_!
Packing: 30 ml
Price with VAT: 13,36 EUR
Energy Renovet is a natural herbal concentrate for your pet. ❤️ Energy Renovet support the digestive system to 100%! Original veterinary products Energy stock. Take advantage of special discounts up to 29% today.

DESCRIPTION: Energy Renovet 30 ml

Renovet product is conducive to proper function of excretory organs in the metabolism of water and minerals. It operates through a fine irritation lymphatic system, immune system, kidney, reproductive organs, urinary and genital tract. This stimulates these organs or tissues to higher activity. Overall, to purify the animal from the accumulated metabolites and maintain optimal levels of electrolytes in the body. Bio-information-type-specific homeopathic remedies for this product complements and potentiates the effect represented herbs.
Stimulates the organs and tissues following the wood element, ie. Liver, gallbladder, energy metabolism and joints.
Absorbs excess energy and hyperactivity preceding metal element, i.e. skin, lung, connective tissue and colon.

DOSAGE: Energy Renovet 30 ml

Serve the longest three weeks as follows:
- For animals to 1 kg: must be diluted 1:10 with water, 1 drop of diluted solution per 100 g of animal weight 2-3 times daily.
- For animals up to 15 kg of weight: 1 drop 1-3 day
- For animals over 15 kg of weight: 3 drops for each commenced 50 kg weight 1-2 times daily.
After three weeks followed by one week.
Before use shake well! In older animals, feed only two days and leave three days break. If no worsening of symptoms, and only then proceed with the submission within 3 weeks. To avoid temporary worsening health condition - reverse reaction. In older animals, it is advisable to prepare regeneration Regavetem first and only after a week break, then proceed with the application Renovetu. We use up to three months after opening.

WARNING: Energy Renovet 30 ml

Do not give in renal impairment and animals in poor health (which may be kidney disease). Do not exceed the recommended daily dose! While taking to secure an adequate water supply. Not suitable for pregnant females. Keep out of reach of children!
The product should be stored in a dry place, stored at 10-25 ° C and protect from frost. Do not store in the refrigerator! Threatens condensing humidity.

PACKAGING: Energy Renovet 30 ml

30 ml

EFFECTS: Energy Renovet 30 ml

For more information about this product, unfortunately we can not be disclosed because it would be in accordance with Regulation of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) no. 1924/2006 health claims that can not be disclosed. We publish only those health claims that have been approved by the European Commission.

Ingredients - Energy Renovet 30 ml

INGREDIENTS: Energy Renovet 30 ml

Herbal extract 82.6% (Verbena officinalis, Calluna vulgaris, Solidago virgaurea, Artemisia dracunculus, Erigeron canadensis, Ribes nigrum, Arctium lappa, Bidens tripartite Polygonum aviculare, Sambucus nigra, Tropaeolum majus, Epilobium parviflorum, Filipendula ulmaria, Geranium robertianum, Ononis spinosa), sorbitol - thickener, microcrystalline cellulose - thickener, water, xanthan - thickener, grapefruit extract - preservative, potassium sorbate - preservative mixture of 0.12% essential oils, bio for Renovet.

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