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Herbalife tablets

Manufacturers - Herbalife - Herbalife tablets

Original Herbalife products in tablet form. Wide range of effective Herbalife products at the best prices available only in our country.

Choose high-quality guarana tablets, support your body with multivitamin complex and do not forget to use RoseGuard tablets.

Tablets for women and against JO-JO effect

A comprehensive range of Herbalife products provides a comprehensive program designed in many ways for the entire human body.

One of the features is fighting the jo-jo effect, especially in the period of weight reduction.

The Jojo effect is generally described as weight gain following its previous targeted reduction, for example, in the form of Formule 1 cocktails. The re-introduction of the Jo-Jo effect is usually greater than the original reduction.

Herbalife's tradition

Herbalife has been on the market for decades. It protects a wide range of products designed for weight reduction or sports nutrition. Focus with us on unique products like tablets.

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Herbalife Cell─U─Loss 90 tablets─ USA import
Cell-U-Loss containing minerals and herbal extracts. Formerly referred to as F5 - Formula 5.
Packing: 90 tablets
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT17,96
Discount45 %
Herbalife Guarana Tablets NRG 60 tablets ─ import USA
It promotes long-lasting feeling of freshness. It acts as a general tonic, especially when feeling ...
Packing: 60 tablets
Availability: on request
Price with VAT18,76
Discount36 %
Herbalife Tang Kuei Plus 60 tablets ─ USA import
Herbalife Tang Kuei Plus contains herbal blend Tang Kuei - Chinese angelica (Archangelica ...
Packing: 60 tablets
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT17,19
Discount21 %
Herbalife Tablet Crusher
This tool will appreciate those customers who have trouble swallowing tablets Herbalife. The ...
Packing: 1 pcs
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT5,04
Discount3 %
Herbalife Tablet Box ─ Standard
The box suitable for tablet Cellular nutrition. Into the box to fit the tablet at about 10 days of ...
Packing: 1 pcs
Availability: In Stock
Price with VAT2,20

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