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Herbalife tea

Modern products from Herbalife Thermojetics tea contains an active ingredient. Among other things, the instant compositions comprising a series of teas and herbs which favorably affect the course of the metabolism of fat in the body.

Prepare along with us popular Thermojetics tea - refreshing low calorie drink with green and black teas.

Herbalife Thermojetics thanks composition supports the natural process of splitting fat supplies energy and suppresses hunger.

Based on experience, we recommend combining Thermojetics Tea from Herbalife to combine with cocktails, which you can find here » HERE «

Thermojetics tea for slimming

In the case of slimming, it is essential to maintain the drinking regime. Did you know that in the absence of fluids, the body will be dehydrated, no detoxification will occur and you will soon feel tired and headache. With a heavy drinking regime, you can reduce weight much easier. Among other things, the so popular Thermojetics Herbalife tea is designed for this.

Thermojetics tea dosing

Herbalife Thermojetics is drunk in a dose of ½ teaspoons of hot or cold water as a classic tea. Thermojetics begin to drink in small doses at the tip of the spoon and gradually increase the dose. It does not contain sugar and does not need to be reconciled. You can also give it to classical tea, coffee, mineral water (watch it, make it more moldy).

Drinking Thermojetics tea is not recommended during the evening. In case of consumption, sleep quality and early awakening will be impaired.

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Thermojetics 102 g příchuť tradiční
Instant mixture composed of a series of teas and herbs that positively influence the course of the ...
Packing: 102 g
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2x Thermojetics 102 g příchuť broskev
Discount after registration! Instant mixture composed of a series of teas and herbs that positively ...
Packing: 102 g
Availability: on request
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Discount35 %

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